25 years of experience in the manufacturing
           of architectural wood windows,
custom wood doors and fine custom millwork

Windows and Doors Designed for Elegance and Security

The Defiance Series of wood windows and doors from Woodwindows.com are designed to protect the inhabitants and contents of a building or home. Whether the threat is from hurricanes, earthquakes, bomb blast or a forced entry, these beautiful windows and doors will give a far greater level of protection than ordinary standard custom units. The Woodwindows.com Defiance series was designed and tested to perform. They have been approved by Dade County to conform to their small and large missile impact resistance requirements. They are a classic combination of beauty and function. Dade County compliance numbers 01-0102.06, 01-0703.06, 01-01-0103.05 cover most casement windows and doors.

Special glass selection will permit higher level of impact resistance whether the threat is from hurricane, earthquake, vandals, firearms or the shockwave of a bomb blast. Security impact Glass acceptance number 00-0329.03. Special manufactured double glass with a laminated polymer center. This process ensures the highest possible resistance to missile or shockwave impact. It is available in 9/16”, 7/16” and 5/16” configuration.


CWM Woodwindows has the finest resume of important American Historic Buildings. CWM Woodwindows brings value to buildings. CWM Woodwindows helps architects make their projects happen. CWM Woodwindows coordinates the design and manufacture of custom wood windows, doors and millwork components. CWM Woodwindows offer very competitive pricing. CWM Woodwindows understands historic requirements and luxury construction.

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