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True Divided Light Double Hung Windows

The texture of brick or the selection of a vernacular stone, a cedar shake or slate roof add dimension and interest to any building. True Divided Light Royal Mahogany Wood Windows from Woodwindows.com have a similar effect.

The wood windows manufactured by Woodwindows.com are made to last. We do not reccomend SDL (simulated divided light) for historic building . Why simulate anything? A true divided light window has a shimmer. It is alive. You can feel it as you walk by the building. The true multifaceted nature of the window gives a building life. Compare that to an SDL window where the monolithic glass has wood glued to the inside and out. It is flat. Sterile. Dead. If the glass fails the entire sash has to be thrown away. This is not appropriate for a historic building.

Insulated glass is an option that has energy advantages. Unfortunately, it has drawbacks. It has a limited warranty because of the possibility of seal failure, an expensive maintenance problem. There is an option. For institutional and historic buildings, we recommend the use of our very attractive wood glazed interior energy panels. Expensive replacement of failed sealed glass is eliminated.

For hardware and balancing the double hung window, Woodwindows.com uses counter weights, pulleys and chains for the balance system. Bronze weather-stripping and hardware add to the value and the expected life of the windows.>


CWM Woodwindows has the finest resume of important American Historic Buildings. CWM Woodwindows brings value to buildings. CWM Woodwindows helps architects make their projects happen. CWM Woodwindows coordinates the design and manufacture of custom wood windows, doors and millwork components. CWM Woodwindows offer very competitive pricing. CWM Woodwindows understands historic requirements and luxury construction.

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